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Red Bull Full Moon
Sappee Bikepark
Kokonniemi Bikepark
Fiskars Village Bike Expo 2024
Iso-Syöte Bikepark
Meriteijo Bikepark
Racing series
During the summer of 2024, we are hosting five race weekends. The season kicks off at the Fiskars Village Bike Expo, featuring traditional MTB enduro. The main series begins in June! Exciting new additions include the Slopestyle Cup and a two-day downhill camp in Iso-Syöte!
Gravity Cup
In the Gravity Cup competition, you are going for a multi-track racing format. Throughout the day, you'll be tackling 3-5 separate tracks. All tracks need to be ridden at least twice, and there's one bonus run available on each track to make up for any slip-ups. We've got easier tracks for beginners and juniors, and slightly more technically and speed-wise challenging ones for the experienced riders. The Gravity Cup is the most beginner-friendly competition series at MTB Rally. It's the perfect way to kickstart your MTB adventure at the bike parks! The series includes four separate races.
Crank Up DH Cup
Downhill racing series is all about the thrill! With just one speedy track and two race runs, the fastest time takes the crown, determining your class ranking. These tracks strike the perfect balance—challenging enough for newcomers but still making experienced riders ponder their lines. The series includes four separate races.
Jr. Crank Up DH Cup
Junior-friendly, low-threshold competition series in downhill mountain biking. The series offers junior categories for those under 10 and those aged 10-13. It's a fantastic opportunity to experience the thrill of downhill racing at the bike park, which you can practice in advance so you can focus on enjoying the ride on race day. The series consists of two separate races and is a perfect way to introduce young riders to the world of downhill racing.
Introducing a brand-new slopestyle-inspired jumping competition series that offers both newcomers and seasoned riders the chance to shine on a fresh, internationally visible stage! More details, including theme-appropriate rules and participant categories, will be revealed in the early winter. The Slopestyle Cup is organized in collaboration with Red Bull as part of the Red Bull Full Moon event concept. The series includes three separate competitions.
4.-5.5. Enduro Season Opener
Fiskars Village Trail Center
14.6. Crank Up DH Cup 1/4
Kokonniemi Bikepark
15.6. Gravity Cup 1/4
Kokonniemi Bikepark
11.- 12.7. Gravity camp 2024
Iso-Syöte Bikepark
12.7. Jr. Crank Up DH Cup 1/2
Iso-Syöte Bikepark
13.7. Crank Up DH Cup 2/4
Iso-Syöte Bikepark
13.7. Slopestyle Cup 1/3
Iso-Syöte Bikepark
14.7. Gravity Cup 2/4
Iso-Syöte Bikepark
23.8. Jr. Crank Up DH Cup 2/2
Sappee Bikepark
23.8. Slopestyle Cup 2/3
Sappee Bikepark
24.8. Crank Up DH Cup 3/4
Sappee Bikepark
25.8. Gravity Cup 3/4
Sappee Bikepark
14.9. Crank Up DH Cup finals
Meriteijo Bikepark
14.9. Slopestyle Cup finals
Meriteijo Bikepark
15.9. Gravity Cup finals
Meriteijo Bikepark
  • Mini Shredders, boys and girls under 10 years old.
  • Rockets, boys and girls aged 10-13.
  • Young Guns, boys and girls aged 14-17.
Rockets is the former Peanuts class, as junior riders are pushing the limits so hard that the name had to change. In practice, there are no changes in the youth categories, and the Young Guns class rides the same tracks as the more experienced ones.
Weekend Riders
  • Weekend Warriors, men and women
In the Weekend Warriors classes, you're free to ride e-mountain bikes. It's a completely open category, allowing riders of all ages and equipment, making it a great fit for newcomers.
Experienced Riders
  • Open, men and women
  • Masters, +40-year-old men and women
  • eMTB, men and women
There are some minor changes compared to previous years. E-MTB is now an official e-bike category, and in the Weekend Warriors class, riders are free to use e-mountain bikes, while in other classes, traditional acoustic bikes are used. The minimum age limit for the Masters category has been raised by five years. The General class remains the most competitive both in terms of participation and speed.
  • Open, men and women
  • Coming soon!
Slopestyle competition series will feature multiple different categories. More detailed information about the categories and rules will be finalized in early winter.
We're looking for active young MTB enthusiasts to join us. We offer the team the 2024 season's competitions with lift passes and a little more. As a first task, the team will be responsible for planning the Slopestyle competition series together with Rally's team members and partners, among other things. We're looking for at least five active young riders. Please note that applicants don't need to be the fastest in their age group or ride the fanciest bike. It's enough if you love riding and are brave enough to participate in events. Apply by November 24, 2023!
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